Day 2 • 7 Days of Letters

A Letter to Your New Friend – Hello, Dy. (: How are you today? (: I hope you are always well. And if you ask back about how I'm doing. Yes, I'm in good shape too, really. :D

I am writing this letter to fulfill the challenge I am currently participating in, “7 Days of Letters”. I wrote it with all my deepest heart. (: But, yeah, although I'm a little confused what to write for you.

I wrote this letter in Indonesian, but when I post it on my blog, I will first translate it into English. Maybe the language will be messy, but I hope you can still understand what I'm saying.

We just got acquainted, our introduction is too fast to be considered as friends. But, I have no other choice. Because in the last two months I have only been acquainted with you, no one else. So, here I have to make you my new friend. I'm sorry about that if you mind. :D

Dy, you know? You are the furthest friend, furthest person, furthest acquaintance, I have ever known. I have never met a foreigner before. Thank you for letting me get to know you and letting us slowly get to know each other. (:

I like your arts. I pray that someday you will become a great animator. Amen.

There are already a lot of things that we discussed on whatsapp. Honestly, I think you are a nice and fun person. (: I've tried several times to get to know an INTP too, but they don't have the same frequency as me, and their response was flat. But you, your response is always good, and very fast. XD Thanks for that. (:

I hope, someday, somewhere, we can meet in person. :D But if not, that's not a problem. ((:

And I have no plans to stop asking to you. Please don't be bored to answer all my questions, okay? :D

I hope you and your family are always well and happy. Amen.

Thanks for being my friend. ((:

Challenge 7 Days of Letters adalah sebuah tantangan menulis surat selama 7 hari, lalu mengirimkan surat itu kepada orang yang bersangkutan.

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